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World Bank – Evaluation Framework for Digital Citizen Engagement

A World Bank evaluation framework and guidelines to help evaluators assess the impact of ICT-enabled citizen engagement programs.

Nov 2014



The overarching aim was to create an evaluation framework for the World Bank and others delivering citizen engagement projects which use technology. The framework and guidelines will help project staff to see how appropriate and effective their use of technology was in achieving their engagement aims, and also to prompt evaluators to look more broadly at the issues their projects may be facing, such as complex issues of privacy, transparency and control.



Aptivate led a multi-stakeholder partnership of researchers and practitioners from the Institute for Development Studies (IDS), the Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA), London School of Economics (LSE) and the University of Cambridge to develop the evaluation framework and associated field evaluations. It is hoped that – in addition to World Bank staff – the framework and guidelines will be useful to and adopted by other funders, trusts and foundations, and organisations delivering digital citizen engagement on the ground in the Global South.



Aptivate adapted our usual Agile practices to fit with the production of a framework and guidebook. This involved close and weekly collaboration with the World Bank and all partners. The project also entailed field evaluations to help design and test the framework – in Brazil, Uganda, Cameroon and Kenya.



The framework and guide was published in February 2016. click the button below to take a look

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