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New CKAN extensions for MapAction

Tom Daley is currently in Madrid at the International Open Data Conference and the CKANCon pre-event. Tom was part of the team that developed four new generic CKAN extensions for MapAction's Maps and Data Repository.

By Martin Burchell on 04 October 2016

Developing for Development

What's it like being a developer at Aptivate? I've been a developer at Aptivate for 10 years, and volunteered part-time in my evenings and weekends for 3 years before...

By Chris Wilson on 08 January 2015

Protect your computer from Poodle

There is a new SSL vulnerability in the wild that affects the browser, not the server. Chrome & Firefox browsers are supposed to release fixes in the next few days so look out for updates.

By Adrian Silva on 15 October 2014

Shellshock Bug

Aptivate are working hard to patch the vulnerability created by the Shellshock bug which has been widely reported on this morning.

By Jay Alvarez on 26 September 2014

Creative CSS - Pebbles

Jay spends friday night playing with CSS to find out how bendy it can be at generating low bandwidth web graphics that are beautiful and file-small.

By Jay Alvarez on 23 September 2013

Django admin with AJAX autocomplete

I just ran into the fairly well-known problem where the Django Admin interface loads very slowly when you edit a record, that has a foreign key, to a big table (thousands of rows), because Django constructs thousands of objects to populate the dropdown lists. I tried out django-ajax-selects and it worked excellently to solve the problem and improve the user experience.

By Chris Wilson on 13 March 2013

Making it obvious which copy of a Django site you are using

We frequently have multiple copies of a site running - the production server, the staging server and the local development copy.  You want to be sure you are editing the correct site, and haven't switched sites by mistake. This post shows some methods to make it obvious which copy you are looking at.

By Hamish Downer on 22 January 2013