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Alfie: Aptivate's web-based Log Frame monitoring tool

By George Flatters on 12 November 2013

Alfie is Aptivate's web-based Log Frame monitoring tool. 

Many of the organizations we work with use Log Frames , or something similar, to plan and monitor their activities.  Here are some of the challenges they have:

1. Designing a Log Frame is a collaborative process and it is difficult to do with international partners spread all over the world; keeping track of the different versions is confusing.

2. Making it relevant and creating ownership of a Log Frame among a programme team is sometimes hard – it can become a document that is locked away until a report is due. 

3. Entering monitoring data is problematic when it needs to be collated from multiple sources.

4. Creating progress reports based on a Log Frame can be time consuming.  

To address these problems, we're building a web-based Log Frame monitoring tool.  

You can edit the Log Frame content with a friendly web-based interface. The dashboard view shows a traffic-light rating against each planned result. The colour is based on how much budget has been spent versus the proportion of planned activities completed, and progress towards indicator milestones.

We want to work with our clients and partners to develop more functionality; we're seeking funding so we can take this further.

Check out this brief demo video:

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