Ethical IT for International Development


Mapping Open Contracting Data with TradeMapper

TradeMapper, the open source, browser based mapping tool, can visualise any kind of international flow data, not just wildlife trade. Here is a demonstration using Open Contracting data.


Chat with us at Bond 2014

Come and meet the Aptivate team at the Bond annual NGO conference and exhibition 2014 in London on November 10th.


Protect your computer from Poodle

There is a new SSL vulnerability in the wild that affects the browser, not the server. Chrome & Firefox browsers are supposed to release fixes in the next few days so look out for updates.

Expertise in ICT4D

 - Low bandwidth
- Open-source software
- Data visualization
- Appropriate technologies



 We build web, database and mobile applications for agencies, organisations and local communities.


Agile Participation

 - User-centered
- Agile
- Participatory
- Consensus-driven