Ethical IT for International Development


Alfie: Aptivate's web-based Log Frame monitoring tool

Alfie is Aptivate's web-based Log Frame monitoring tool, designed to address the monitoring and evaluation challenges faced by many international development organisations.


3 things web editors can do to optimise for the global south

The challenge of every web editor is to publish content as quickly and easily as possible so that it reaches its intended audience. Spend 10 minutes finding out what you can do without getting too technical.


Apticon 'Moving toward mobile' 8th July 2014

Every year Aptivate hosts an ‘Apticon’ bringing together our own teams, and a fascinating array of guests and experts from the Technology and International Development sectors.

Expertise in ICT4D

 - Low bandwidth
- Open-source software
- Data visualization
- Appropriate technologies



 We build web, database and mobile applications for agencies, organisations and local communities.


Agile Participation

 - User-centered
- Agile
- Participatory
- Consensus-driven