Ethical IT for International Development


Social media for mobile engagement around HIV

The role of social media in health engagement was the focus of one of the last sessions at Apticon 2014. Liz Fearon of the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine posed the question - how can we use social media to promote HIV awareness in the developing world?


WaterAid map successfully launches for Africa Water Week

Aptivate and WaterAid teamed up to create an interactive map to reveal Africa's access to water and sanitation. It was launched on the WaterAid site during Africa Water Week with great success. 


Open Data for Philanthropic Funding to increase transparency

We are very proud and excited to have received a grant from the Indigo Trust  to promote an open data standard for philanthropic funding.

Expertise in ICT4D

 - Low bandwidth
- Open-source software
- Data visualization
- Appropriate technologies



 We build web, database and mobile applications for agencies, organisations and local communities.


Agile Participation

 - User-centered
- Agile
- Participatory
- Consensus-driven